HP Chromebook 11: How to enable developer mode


HP Chromebook 11 is a thin and light laptop which runs Google’s Chrome OS software. But what if you want to break out of the confines of a browser-based operating system, access a command line terminal, repartition the storage space, or even install an alternate operating system?

Easy. Just enable developer mode.

Every chromebook that’s shipped to date has allowed users to switch to a developer mode which allows you to access settings and features that wouldn’t otherwise be available. The earliest models actually had physical developer switches. More recent chromebooks don’t have an actual switch, but you can enable developer mode by hitting a few keys on the keyboard.

Just hit Ctrl + Esc + Refresh and you’ll reboot to a scary screen that tells you OS verification is disabled. That’s the recovery screen. From there you can reboot into developer mode by pressing Ctrl + D.

Note that doing this will wipe all data from your device. Basically the HP Chromebook 11 will reformat your storage space and set you up with a fresh version of Chrome OS with developer privileges. Once you login with your Google account info, all of your settings, apps, and extensions will be re-downloaded, so there’s not much risk involved, but you will lose any files in your downloads directory, so make sure to back them up if you need them.

Also note that any time you reboot the Chromebook now, you’ll be greeted by the OS verification screen. You can either wait for it to go away or hit Ctrl + D to bypass it and boot into Chrome OS.

Open a terminal

Want to start mucking around once you’re in developer mode? Just hit Ctrl + Alt + T and you can open up a terminal windows. Type “shell” and you can start entering Unix/Linux style commands.

Boot from a USB drive

You can boot your computer from USB drive, but first you’ll need to enable support. Open a terminal window. Type “crossystem dev_boot_usb=1″ (without the quotes), and hit enter. Then reboot your device.

Plug in your flash drive, and this time when you see the OS verification menu, hit Ctrl+U to boot from the drive.

This won’t work with any old USB flash drive running Ubuntu or another operating system. You’ll need to have a drive with software that’s prepared to run on this system — but the good news is there’s a much easier way to get Ubuntu up and running by using Crouton to run it in a chroot environment.

Exit Developer mode

With great power comes great responsibility… you can now mess up your device’s disk partitions. Want to remove the temptation and go back to a normal Chrome OS environment?

Just reboot the device, but this time when you see the OS verification screen follow the on-screen instructions, starting with hitting the space bar.

This’ll re-install Chrome OS and remove your developer privileges.

Lenovo Miix 10 tablet photos revealed, with seven kinds of color covers

In Computex Taipei in June, Lenovo officially unveiled a 10-inch Windows 8 Tablet PC Miix 10. Lenovo Miix 10 Tablet PC is with 10.1-inch display, 1366 x 768 resolution, dual-core Intel Atom processor and 64GB storage, its battery life is up to 10 hours. According to insiders, the device will also have seven-color covers to choose from.

Different from the previous ThinkPad2, Miix10 is more like a integrated version of Tablet 2, although it’s without the NFC and stylus features, it links the tablet and keyboard better. Meanwhile, Miix 10 also retains the front camera.

As to the sales price, Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 10 Tablet PC will be listed in the U.S. marketin the near future, the price is $ 500, and the Bluetooth keyboard is sold separately and it’s priced at $ 49.


Smooth operation, Lenovo Le Pad A3000 sales $249


Lenovo Le Pad A3000 is a 3G tablet released in this year, and supports dual SIM dual standby that one card uses to call, other one uses to access network, so it is easy to use and can save money. This product has 7-inch screen, 11mm thickness and 350g weight makes it look more compact. The tablet is equipped with 1.2GHz quad-core MTK8389 processor, 1GB memory, which brings smooth operating experience. Now the price is $249.
The IPS-glare screen brings sharper images. With more brilliant colors it is more comfortable to enjoy classic movies.  Powerful quad-core CPU lets A3000 have a stronger graphics capabilities, and the operation is smoother, faster and greater.
In addition, Lenovo A3000 owns 178 degree viewing angle, so you can share your movie with ALICE purpose. Dual stereo speakers with separate resonant cavity make sound be more shocking. Sound is clear and loud, even if the surrounding is noisy, the hearing results will not be affected.


Simple and beautiful, Acer S7-191will install WIN8

Acer S7-191-53334G12ass is a new ultrabook listed in this year. This ultrabook is silvery white appearance, very simple design, revealing an elegant taste, and the configuration is also quite good.

Configuration, Acer S7-191-53334G12ass is equipped with third-generation Core i5 processor, 1.8GHz basic frequency, the motherboard is Intel HM77, equipped with 4GB DDR3 1600 EMS memory and 128GB SSD, using the Intel HD 4000 graphics core, 11.6-inch screen.

Operating system                Windows 8
Motherboard chipset             Intel HM77
Processor Model                 Intel Core i5-3337U
Processor basic frequency        1.8GHz
EMS memory capacity             4GB
Hard disk capacity                 128GB
Drive type                         No built-in drive
Screen Size                       11.6 inches
Screen resolution                  1920 × 1080
Graphics chip                      Intel HD 4000
Data interface                       2 × USB3.0
Video Interface                     one VGA port, HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface
Reader                            multiple card reader
Other interfaces                     RJ45 (network interface), power connector

Edit Comment:

The shell of Acer S7-191-53334G12ass use a composite material, and the appearance is simple and beautiful. The configuration is also quite good, so is a recommendable ultrabook.


Apple obtained MBP battery patent for Retina screen in China


Apple’s patent is described as numerous, as they recently applied battery design patent for Macbook Pro with Retina screen. It seems other manufacturers who want to solve large-scale layout of the battery problem in slim body need to solve their own brains.

It is understood that the Apple patent application No. is DPN: 1300637.6, which is designed for 13-inch Macbook Pro with Retina screen, and can guarantee a slim body  accommodate large battery to provide longer battery life.

The above is true Retina Macbook Pro battery removal picture. It can be seen that in Apple’s Retina Macbook Pro, the battery is in the space of all internal components the largest proportion, and carefully designed.